Intro to GIS

Dear Campers,

Given the growing integration of geography into digital humanities projects, geographic  information systems (GIS) has become a particular useful tool in these scholarly endeavors. Whether used as a repository of spatially linked data or as a visualizing tool, GIS has created an open invitation for the collaboration of scholars, students, and practitioners from different disciplines. This open invitation can only reach its full potential if current GIS users are able to incorporate non-GIS users into the development of future of projects. With this in mind, I would like to invite current GIS and non-GIS users to a discussion on the concept and capabilities of GIS. This is my first THATCamp, so I’m not familiar with the format; however, I do not envision this as a formal presentation or a one person show. I see this as an opportunity for current GIS users to join in and achieve the following: 1) share personal views and experiences with non-GIS users, 2) answer questions or uncertainties that may be keeping future users from implementing the technology into current or future projects, 3) explore opportunities for collaboration. All levels of GIS competency, software operation, and practical backgrounds are welcome! The goal is to present different perspectives and to answer as many questions as possible. Wednesday afternoon or Thursday (any time) work well with my current teaching schedule. However, space and time are limited, so I’m open to a merger with other GIS sessions as well. I look forward to meeting all campers!

Hilton A Córdoba

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  1. This sounds great. I’ll check the schedule.

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