Within and Without Texts

It’s good to know that there’s interest in both text mining and text encoding. I have some experience with both, but I really hope we can get Jonathan Goodwin and Clai Rice, respectively, to join the conversation. I look forward to everyone just being there and all of us both working on stuff we brought and on stuff that others have brought to the table. Do we want a common GitHub repo to add materials, too, or do we want to set up individual repos for various topics? (I know when I was a participant in the NEH Seminar on Networks and Network Studies in the Humanities, walking away with a flash drive full of software and data sets and white papers was a huge bonus. We don’t need flash drives any more…

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I am an associate professor in the Department of English at UL-Lafayette, where I focus on creativity and tradition in discrete groups and/or texts. I am a folklorist by training, but I don't think that means I can't use computers to do interesting kinds of analysis. I have a ten year old at home, which means not only am I used to big, hard to answer questions, I kinda like them.

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  1. Thank you John, yes there are several participants interested. I think we could even have 1 or 2 sessions and a workshop. Clai agrees to have a session based on his text analysis project. We could also have a session that introduces participants to what Text Encoding and Text Analysis are, and how DHumanists can use them in their work. The workshop could then be more technical with a GitHub repository for everyone to participate. Great idea. Lauren Coats is also interested.

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