Teaching Through Digital Tools

I would be interested in proposing a session regarding best digital tools for teaching that would incorporate teachers of all students (including the K-12 population).┬áTeachers evaluate and reevaluate digital tools for their value in the classroom and struggle with factors such as time, retention and reinforcement of content as opposed to “fluff”, and differences in platforms. I think if we could share lessons and evaluations utilizing digital tools that are creative and add value to the learning experience, it would be beneficial to teachers.

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About Sheree Wilder

I am currently an Educational Technologist at a K-12 School and facilitate an Independent Study in Python Programming for our upper school. I have experience teaching elementary and middle school, as well as NXT robotics to gifted elementary and middle school students. I have coached First Lego League Teams and recently set up a TinkerLab at our school which incorporates STEAM.

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  1. Thanks Sheree. I know one of my colleagues used mapping as a teaching practice. I can see many other options. I foresee at least 2 sessions on teaching with digital tools. So we may decide on site how to divide the sessions. I look forward to it.

  2. John Laudun says:

    It’s more on the text side, but I think Ryan Cordell’s “Technologies of Text” course is pretty amazing: f14tot.ryancordell.org

    And I look forward to learning more about how you are teaching Python. I’ve flirted with the idea for some of my courses but so far have not been brave enough to make a foray.

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